Get Skilled

2020 is all about skill, get skilled with scoopskill and get progressed in your career, There is a huge requirement of specialists in the digital & technological field. This makes Digital Marketing as one of the most sorts after courses today.

Practical training

This is 100 % practical course from scratch and train to perform actual digital marketing & Web technology tricks at work place. learning through Case Studies & Quizzes along with a progress tracker.

Well qualified teachers

Get professional education and reliable consultation by our team of certified teachers and instructors. We have pool of trained teachers from Pune, Delhi & Mumbai. In Korba get the benefit of world class education .


Upon successful completion receive a certificate of your achievement for completing oneof our rigorous classes.Our course is built on endorsements from  all over Asia, Get certified to add an edge to your CV

Digital Education for All

Course for Students

With the Course offered by ScoopSkill in Digital Marketing & Advance web technologies , students can connect more to the rapidly changing market, which could also help boosting their career.

For Business owners

Using the latest Updates and Strategies of internet Marketing, Entrepreneurs can boost up their business & startups. They can sell their product in all over the world. their marketing cost will go down.

For professional

In the fastest growing corporate sector, an employee who has the knowledge of Digital Media,  Web technology & Marketing   will always have an edge over other in their respective industry.

For women

For house wife’s and female Digital Marketing and web learning opens up a great opportunity to something their own and stand up in society. This course opens a lot of opportunity for them.

Benefit of doing Digital Marketing & Web technologies course

Digital Marketing has created quite a buzz in the marketing world. Everyone is talking about going digital. Marketers are opting to join digital marketing courses to get a better understanding of this new tool. Being digitally literate is important in the current scenario.

Global acceptance

Digital Marketing trends are global phenomena, the tricks and learning works worldwide. The things you would learn here will work all over the world. Which can get you high paying job anywhere in the world

Job oriented course

20 lakh Web technology and Digital Marketing related jobs are going to come to India in the next 5 Years. Be prepared for it, before it gets too late. Get your Skill sharpen with scoopskill Digital Marketing & Web technologies course.

Spread Business Online

In today’s Digital Age, it is a necessity for any business person to be digitally literate to spread their business to the world or to increase their profitability locally as well.

Freelancing opportunity

Implementing the tactics of Web development, SEO,  Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing etc.Freelancers can work from home and can result in fully fledged career choice.


Digital Marketing gets featured as most in demand job by LinkedIn Survey
A survey is conducted by Linkedin social Network, where it lists out the top 10 most in-demand jobs for 2020-20201,  digital marketers with SEO, social media, and content marketing skills featured as one of the best courses of the current time. Professional Social Media company LinkedIn identified the most in-demand jobs by looking at which [...]
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Career option after doing Digital Marketing course

Digital Marketing has become a talk of the town for many reasons, one of which is that it’s been a major job provider of this decade.  This field of Digital Marketing is the fastest-growing sector of this decade for many reasons. one of which is Digitization & growing startup culture in India & the world […]

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Who should opt for Digital Marketing course in 2019 ?
Who should opt for Digital Marketing course in 2019 ?

Digital marketing is one of the most fast-paced career option currently available to people all over the world, many wishes to join the Digital Marketing bandwagon to take the most mileage of its growth and opportunity. But while choosing any career you need to check whether this career filed ll be an addon to your […]

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